Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Birthday Boy!

Today is a very special day for us - Bastas turns two today!

We think, anyway. With a rescue, it's always sort of hard to know, and the guy who bred Bast isn't exactly a mark-your-calendars sort of guy (or a regularly-change-your-underwear sort of guy), but this is the day we celebrate it as, anyway.

Unfortunately, since I didn't get Bast until he was 9 months old, I don't have the wealth of puppy pics that I would like to have - that's another problem of getting a rescue dog. I do have a few that have been gathered by some of my friends involved with Bast's rescue, though.

Teeny tiny trouble.

Anyway, we try to celebrate his birthday by having special meals. Last year he got chicken feet, his very favorite treat:

And some liver, which he was less thrilled about: 

Here was the whole birthday array. I don't think Chef Ramsay will be knocking at my door anytime soon, but Bast liked it.

Anyway, this year we went with a heartier, meaty array of ground beef, chicken gizzards and sweetmeats, which I thought were beef cheeks but turns out is the thymus gland. The smell was unreal and Bast only wanted to play with it:

Om nom nom, meats.

And one last pic of the grody:

Happy, happy birthday, baby boy! I hope we have many more to come.


  1. Happy Birthday wolfers! These photos are adorable, because Bast is. More photos of Bast are needed. Nudge nudge.

    1. I'll start doing more, then! It helps that he's so photogenic. :)