Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black and White Surprises

Sorry we've been sort of quiet recently - things got busy with a special surprise. We welcomed two little foster girls, 7 month old sisters who are guessed to be around mid content (so a little higher than Bast).

These girls are a horrifying lesson in why it is so important to do your research - all of it - before owning a wolfdog. Although the people who owned them were sincerely nice people, they were very misguided on how to take care of wolfdogs. After reading that wolves only eat a few times a week, they applied that factoid to these puppies... And now I have two very hungry girls who have only been given food a couple times a week for most of their lives.

These girls are constantly scavenging. They are extremely food aggressive (big shock), and, most worryingly, they seem to have problems with their joints caused by malnutrition and calcium deficiencies. Their ribs - and you can count every one of them - show signs of being frayed and badly formed.

Although we have already gotten them started on supplements and a weight gain plan, these two pretty girls may be permanently physically disfigured by the ignorance of well-meaning people.

Do your homework, friends.


  1. That's sad ... not sure why would they feed them only few times a week. A good supplement should help them out. Good Luck! Golden Woofs

  2. Beautiful looking Wolfdog. I never really knew anything about Wolfdogs before coming to your blog however I find it very interesting. It's so sad that they were improperly fed and now have food aggression and malnutrion.

    It sounds as though they are in good and knowledgeable hands now. I look forward to seeing their progress... It's a world away from my two little 'house dogs'. "D