Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brief Intermission

I apologize about the dearth of posts recently - it's finals week for both me and my students, and so blogging has had to sit on the backburner while I slog through hundreds of pages of linguistics information.

To tide you over, here are some super cute pictures I've taken over the past week. We'll be back to our semi-regularly scheduled sillies soon!
Zelda, as beautiful as always

Showing off our phasing

Midna stalking, Zelda watching
Midna on the prowl

Hey, lemme in so I can tear everything up.


Midna says, "Stand back, I got dis."


  1. Thank you for the photos, Midna and Zelda are really looking good. Their coats are coming in so gorgeous!
    Bastas looks great as always. :)

    Good luck with your student's papers.

    1. I'm so curious to see how their coats turn out. They've started shedding their puppy coats and have lost a bit of their red so far. I'm hoping it comes back with their adult coats :o

  2. I absolutely love the first one of Zelda and the last one of Midna!! They are so funny!! :D Great pics as always!! :D