Sunday, January 4, 2015

B&W Sunday and Apologies

Hi all! I know most of you are here for the pics, so let's get that down :)

I hope that you guys will forgive my lack of posts recently... To say it's been a tough month would be an understatement. As the girls age and come into their own, they've begun testing limits and boundaries, and I end every day exhausted. I promise to write more about their silliness - we have some hilarious stories involving mice - but my muse has been lacking recently (if you couldn't tell by the cringe-inducing amount of passive voice I've used in this short paragraph already. Somewhere, my thesis advisor is feeling an inexplicable wave of disappointment.)

Aside from the woofers, my personal life experienced an upheaval as well, as my mother was recently diagnosed with lupus-related encephalitis, which causes her brain to swell and press against her skull. As if the sound of that weren't enough to give you the willies just from reading it, it unfortunately caused some very... intense... personality changes, causing my normally loving mother to change into someone we didn't recognize. It's scary for her and scary for us, and it's left me emotionally drained when it comes to expressing myself.

I know that most people come here to read about my silly dogs, and see pictures, and I will get back to that as soon as I can. I just wanted to explain why it's been sort of quiet here and hope that you guys will bear with me for a bit.

Much love,

The Wolf Crazies

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