Friday, November 28, 2014

Belated Throwback

Yesterday, we all enjoyed the girls' first Thanksgiving by gathering at my parents' house. Although the girls had to stay outside when the family was over (my mom is fond of southwest-style decorating... all those cow hides wouldn't have stood a chance), they did very well staying relatively mellow about all of the visitors. They were even brave enough to let my young nephew touch them, although not for longer than a few seconds.

So, sort of progress.

In more measurable progress, we've had the girls for almost 6 weeks now. Although it's been touch-and-go, especially with Zelda, they've bounced back from their rough start in a big way. We'll have their weights done tomorrow (for the umpteenth time... I've honestly lost count...), and although they're still skinnier than I would like, we're getting there.

I'm very thankful that my ladies lived to see the holiday. We're looking forward to Christmas now...


  1. Oh wow! I didn't know the girls were that emaciated when you got them!! They look great now!! I'm sure they are happy to be with you!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!! <3

  2. Agreed. The girls are looking great! So glad they have you.