Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Transformation Tuesday?

If I needed a reminder that I'm not exactly "with it" these days, it's every time I log onto Facebook and see some new hashtag trend.

I remember #throwbackthursday, that one's easy, and you guys here keep me up to speed on Black and White Sundays, but I was informed that today is Transformation Tuesday and I should be posting pictures of weight loss or my sweet gains.

Or something. I don't know; I haven't set foot in a gym since my mom enrolled me in Organized Drowning classes at the YMCA when I was 4.

We do, however have two very dramatic transformations to share with everyone. It's been 17 days since we picked up Zelda and Midna (to whom we refer affectionately as The Littles) and they have made some radical changes. Although they're still skinny enough that I avoid taking them out in public in case someone thinks I'm starving them and kicks my ass, they're looking miles better than when we first got them.

Here's Zelda, whose floppy ears are finally starting to stand more often than they wilt:

And her littler sister Midna, who's getting some seriously chubby cheeks:

Now that Zelda's ears are standing, it's much harder to tell them apart. I'm constantly shouting variations of, "ZELD- NO, MIDNA - NO WAIT, THAT IS ZELDA - PUT THAT DOWN, THAT'S NOT FOOD!"

I swear these are two different dogs...

They reminded me of something that was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't figure out....

Then Halloween rolled around and it hit me:

Trick or treat, y'all.

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  1. Hahaha! Love your posts! Do your wolfies wear collars? You could use two different colors. :-)